Friday, March 13, 2009

Winter Blues

My human has been ill and I’ve been under the care of the barn manager and Lucky’s human. I have missed her greatly, but I have also been fussed over and received a lot of treats and carrots, so the hardship has been more emotional instead of physical.

The weather has been harsh, with a few warm days that make us wish for spring, and loose some much needed warm hair. The cat beast has been very grouchy and got into a lot of trouble for sharpening his claws on the winter blankets that hang in the aisles. The barn manager threatened to dee-claw him, whatever that means. Football has been patrolling the barn to make sure the cat beast doesn’t get into the tack room or trunks.
Lucky’s human promised that my human would be coming to see me tomorrow. I can’t wait. More later.