Thursday, February 08, 2007

Horse Tales

I am just completely dismayed. I was talking to Pebbles in the north paddock today and she told me a story I had told Kressa in strictest confidence. Now Kressa is old and grey and probably doesn't have all of her oats in one feeder, but I thought I could trust her and here she goes blabbing her muzzle all over the place. Of course Pebbles had no idea I was the horse Kressa was talking about, but I'll be sure not to let slip anymore hoofulls of information to that old nag. I think I have Pebbles convinced that Kressa is unreliable, as she is, but who knows where this tale will end up? More later.

Friday, February 02, 2007

We went on a nice hack through the woods today. It is cold and snowy but the humans put on their inflated cow outfits and climbed aboard. Trooper even came along with that imported human of his and he was uptight the whole ride. Poor horse has his hooves in a knot. I told him he should stick to a nice domestic human but no, he couldn't listen and now he has his reins full. But I half-halt in my thoughts. The snow was deep and after we found a clear trail we cantered along as a group. It was wonderful, the fluffy stuff tickling our bellies. I thought Shorty was going to have a bucking fit he felt so good, the white smoke coming from his nose in feathers. Very enjoyable day. Hopefully the human won't take a chill. We returned to the barn and had nice warm bran mashes with our feed. Our blankets were also put on because more snow is expected tonight. What nice well trained humans we have. More Later.