Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The horse eating box part 2

Shorty is in disgrace. I can remember last fall when we saw the horse eating box while getting our shoes reset. Poor thing has had terrible nightpeoples ever sense. He lives in fear of the horse eating box. He has been so worried about ending up in the box that he doesn’t sleep well. Yesterday his human, a rather dim specimen if I do say so myself, was riding him around the arena. His herd-mate, of rather the same ilk, was trying to point a small black box at them. While I've never really fathomed what the box does, I've had it pointed at me several times and never felt any pain, so it doesn’t hurt to stand and stare at it idiotically like the humans do. Shorty saw the black box and feared he would be sucked into it and then displayed on one of those small grey boxes like the Clydesdales were. He took off bucking and kicking and dumped his human, hard. I heard the thump when he hit the ground clear down in the barn. It took awhile to catch Shorty, he came in all out of breath and his human was limping and saying derogatory things about Shorty's ancestors. Shorty has remained in his stall, and while I commiserate with him, I can’t help being exasperated by his foolishness. Everyone knows you get into the grey box only if you’re as big as a Clydesdale. A horse Shorty’s size would be shrunk so small you couldn’t even see him. More later.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hitting the groove

Today was wonderful! My human was in excellent form and behaved beautifully. That natural humanship training I've been doing is paying off! We started off with a good warm up and I felt her yield and settle into a great rhythm. After several laps in both directions we cantered. She was so light and supple. I almost felt as if a bird sat on me. I really feel that we've hopped the ditch and she's coming around! Trooper was so jealous. I could see him watching from the far paddock and he gave me a nasty look as we went by. He is not at all happy with his imported human, but he wouldn't listen to me when I told him that "local" is better. Neigh, I'm just a simple horse without pretension, what would I know? More later.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The sticker man!

The dreaded day snuck up on me without warning. The sticker man showed up today. First he stuck me, four times. I feel like the cat beast and I got into a fight and I lost. Then he stuck a tube of goop in my mouth and made me swallow it. Nasty stuff! I can still taste it. Then he gave me the stuff that makes me see big dancing carrots and stuck a thing in my mouth that rubbed my teeth and made my head vibrate. What is going through this human's mind? Was it torture a horse and get a free carrot day? And my human stood there and did nothing to defend me! Ungrateful creature. I'll show her the next time we go for a ride. Shorty and Pebbles had to go through the same thing, in fact most of the horses in the barn did. I'm not sure which is worse, going first, or waiting and knowing what's coming your way. Pebbles got the dancing carrot stuff before they even gave her the nasty goop. Some horses have all the luck. More later.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A pounding headache!

The hoof pounder was here today. He reshod Shorty and me. Shorty gets easily bored and started jerking his leg before his first hind shoe was ready. By the time he was done the human was in a very bad mood. I decided to take the prudent route and not provoke him further and I must say I'm rather put out that Shorty had all the fun. My human was attentive and provided me with several treats for standing still, so all was not lost. My new shoes feel heavy but nice and balanced. Nothing like going for a good long trot and having your hoofs happy. I do wonder how humans stand to wear those funny shaped things on their feet? I once saw a barefoot human and she had these nasty short fingers on the end of her feet with red tips. Do they eat with those things? Or are they used for personal grooming? More later.