Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A pounding headache!

The hoof pounder was here today. He reshod Shorty and me. Shorty gets easily bored and started jerking his leg before his first hind shoe was ready. By the time he was done the human was in a very bad mood. I decided to take the prudent route and not provoke him further and I must say I'm rather put out that Shorty had all the fun. My human was attentive and provided me with several treats for standing still, so all was not lost. My new shoes feel heavy but nice and balanced. Nothing like going for a good long trot and having your hoofs happy. I do wonder how humans stand to wear those funny shaped things on their feet? I once saw a barefoot human and she had these nasty short fingers on the end of her feet with red tips. Do they eat with those things? Or are they used for personal grooming? More later.

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