Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The sticker man!

The dreaded day snuck up on me without warning. The sticker man showed up today. First he stuck me, four times. I feel like the cat beast and I got into a fight and I lost. Then he stuck a tube of goop in my mouth and made me swallow it. Nasty stuff! I can still taste it. Then he gave me the stuff that makes me see big dancing carrots and stuck a thing in my mouth that rubbed my teeth and made my head vibrate. What is going through this human's mind? Was it torture a horse and get a free carrot day? And my human stood there and did nothing to defend me! Ungrateful creature. I'll show her the next time we go for a ride. Shorty and Pebbles had to go through the same thing, in fact most of the horses in the barn did. I'm not sure which is worse, going first, or waiting and knowing what's coming your way. Pebbles got the dancing carrot stuff before they even gave her the nasty goop. Some horses have all the luck. More later.

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Lory said...

This has to be the best blog I've ever read. I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my cheeks and my sides ache.
You have a wonderful, vivid sense of the horse's point of view and are now in my "favorites".
Keep the stories coming!