Thursday, February 28, 2008

When all is right with the world

I saw the most amazing thing today. One of the mares, her name is Daisy, had a foal. Today was the first time she was brought out to the paddock next to the one I was in. The little thing was absolutely fascinating! Trooper, Shorty and I ran up to the fence and called to Daisy, but she ignored us and stayed with her foal. What a small sweet thing she is: all legs and fuzzy gold hair. I was quite taken with her, although Trooper spooked several times when she would run about in circles. The little darling had a few falls, but it's quite evident she will be a graceful beauty when grown. After awhile she lay out in the sun and slept. Ah, a vision she was, like a little gold cloud brought to earth. If only I had the words of that immortal horse, Shakespur, to tell of her charm and beauty. More later.