Thursday, October 04, 2007

Peace at Last!

It has finally quieted down here. The foals called for three days and then gradually settled down. My nerves were shot. I seriously thought Shorty was going to go bald. The barn owner did try to help out by taking us out to our paddocks earlier and leaving us out longer. On the fourth day the foals were also allowed out in the big covered round pen. We could hear them calling and running about. Sad times, but all young horses must grow up and learn to fend for themselves. I remember when I was weaned and how shocked and hurt I felt at my mother leaving me. But I grew up and now I’m a stable individual indeed, no pun intended.
A new horse arrived in the barn yesterday. He was put in the end stall, which has an empty stall between it and Shorty's stall. We haven't spoken to him yet but we could see him as he was led past and he was shockingly thin. Trooper was curious enough to ask me if I knew what had happened, breaking his self imposed silent treatment of me. I had no idea. My human, and the other humans, all went to see the horse and pet him. We could hear them talking, but couldn’t get the real gist of the conversation, although we heard the word "rescue" quite a bit. I am curious, but also a bit afraid of what I might find out. Surely the poor thing is not ill or contagious or he wouldn't have been brought into the barn with the babies.
I noticed that the trees along the paddocks are turning yellow and orange, so fall is once more coming around. I hope the weather holds, as I would like to school my human more on her seat and leg cues. Shorty is going to a "team penning" tomorrow night, I have no idea what that entails, but he did mention cows, so it's best I don’t go too. Trooper will probably spend the winter in the south like he did last year. His imported human likes to show all year. Trooper better watch his human closely or he is going to find himself being traded for some hairy legged foreign horse. More Later.