Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Horse Eating Box

Shorty and I got the scare of our lives today. We were both waiting for a turn with the hoof pounder while Pebbles was being done. Our humans were nearby and the hoof pounder was discussing something called foot ball with them. Soon he went to his truck and returned with a small grey box, which he set on the tail flap of the truck. He attached it to one of those orange wall snakes and then pushed a lot of buttons and wrenched on the thing's metal ears until they were pointed where he wanted them. Then the most amazing thing happened! Tiny humans were leaping about inside the box! Shorty and I were stunned. We could clearly hear them screaming and shouting and watched in horror as they leaped upon each other like savages.
Pebbles couldn't see it, since he was on the other side of the truck, but he heard our snorting and sat back just on principal. The hoofpounder was not pleased. He smacked Pebbles on the butt and returned to resetting his shoes. Pebbles kept giving us nervous looks and rolling his eyes, but there was no way we could describe what we were seeing.
Shorty and I remained frozen in fear when the most alarming thing yet happened. A human on the grey box was talking about time being halved when the picture suddenly changed and a team of Clydesdales pulling a wagon came into view. Shorty snorted in terror and sat back suddenly, jerking his owner off his feet. I was trembling in fear, but remained stationary. Horses were trapped in the grey box with the little savage people! How did they get there? What horrible thing did they do to deserve such punishment? The savage humans reappeared and seemed to go into fits whenever they approached this giant pitchfork. Our own humans also got excited and several times we had to step back to avoid being hit by their flailing arms. Shorty was so shaken he had to get the dancing carrot shot so he could get his shoes. I myself felt faint the rest of the day. There is no telling what horrors tomorrow will bring. More later.

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