Thursday, January 18, 2007

Snowy Day

The ground is covered in snow and the wind blows cold. We have been in the barn and indoor arena most of the week. Turn out has been limited because of the ice and the humans fear we will be injured from sliding. I'm glad I've trained mine to be so considerate. I've noticed a few of my stablemates aren't coping with the decreased turn out well, but better a stall than a broken leg. Some horses have been dressed by their humans in the padded cow outfits, but mine hasn't forced me to endure it. My hair is fluffy and warm. I feel days like this are perfect for taking pen in hoof and writing my story. The colts that come after me who read and learn from my experiences will have a much better life for knowing that humans were made to serve horses and if raised right they make admirable pets. More later

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