Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A very trying day

Today was a trial for me. It made me question my role as a human keeper. Seriously, it takes so much of my time to deal with her needs. She arrived this afternoon and I could tell right away she was grumpy about something. I have said again and again that she is not to bring that attitude to the barn; it just upsets all of us.

She dragged me in from the pasture, where I had been grazing with Shorty and Lucky. I was rudely put into cross ties and then brushed a little too fast and hard for my taste. I did a few sharp tail switches, which she ignored. I was then quickly saddled and taken from the barn. With nary a moment of warm up my human mounted and we set off down the trail toward the hills. This concerned me, because we didn’t have another horse with us, nor were the other humans paying attention. At least she had the sense to wear her head covering, it’s a known fact human heads are soft.

We went down the trail for a good stretch and her hands were a bit tense. I kept rooting into the bit, hoping that she would get the hint, but she didn’t loosen up. I was just about to give a good pull when we entered a nice clearing. Before I could drop my head she slid off, grabbed me around the neck and started crying. I was so surprised I froze while she cried against my neck. She cried a long time and when she finally quit she started talking to me. I can understand a lot of human talk, but certain words she used confused me. I got the impression she was upset with her other life, the one that doesn’t involve me. She has another job, besides caring for me, but I have never considered it important. Evidently the alpha human at her other job, I think it is male, was a brute to my darling human. I wanted to rend him limb from limb. He criticized my human during a herd gathering and then took one of her brilliant ideas and claimed it as his own. The audacity of the creature! Surely death is too good for such a beast!

I could do little to comfort her, but hug her with my neck and rub my face against her side. I felt so helpless, like a young foal on icy ground. She finally calmed down and we walked along the trail. She talked some more about her other job, and I must say I had to stifle a few yawns at her descriptions; humans can be such silly creatures. When she finally calmed down she mounted back up and we went for a nice slow canter through the woods. I actually heard her doing that human neighing thing and felt her relax. I felt better too, knowing she found comfort in my presence. I don’t understand humans. They take such a huge amount of work, training and time, but in the end you wouldn’t want to be without one of your own to love. By the time we arrived back at the barn we were in accord again, and I knew she could handle anything her other job threw at her. More later.


Boomer's Mom said...


Thanks for being a shoulder to cry on. My horse does the same for me!

Shelly in SC

Palamino & Brother said...

Your a good horse Tuffy. This is Palamino typing.....Brother is here too, he however hasn't been around long enough only since January so he has never seen our darling human have one of these outbursts. I will tell you she has had many! She is quite an emotional creature, but they need us as comfort. I am thinking there will be extra treats in your future ;)

Tuffy Horse said...

palomino and brother,
Humans are emotional creatures! I find them difficult to understand sometimes, but mostly endearing. The ones I really don't understand are the herd mates that aren't interested in horses. What purpose do these humans serve?

I wonder if you'd like to send me a photo of you and your human? I'd love to post proof that caring, loving humans do exist.

Tuffy Horse

Palamino said...

Oh sure! Do you have an email....our human is kinda technically inept, we love her but geez. I also know she reads and has sent photos of us to the FHOTD gal too. She loves you guys. She tells us stories what goes on and promises never ever to let anything bad happen to us. She says what good things you two humans do. She is not perfect but is learning and tries very hard.

As for the herd mate that seems to constantly be around our human, he LOVES us! Now he has never ridden Brother or I but he did ride another barn mate that must be more his level, but he always brings us carrots and calls us his buddies? What are those? We can't figure that out but he pets and scratches us and feeds us.......we like him!

Trojan Mouse said...

I figured it was time I finally left a comment since I am Tuffy's aunt and was there when he wass foaled.

Good boy Tuffy, you've only gotten funnier through the years and you make even boring things seem humorous.

Auntie Jean

Tuffy Horse said...

Aunt Jean,

You do me great honor stopping by! Perhaps you should come visit me at the barn more often! The sunshine won't hurt you!