Monday, December 22, 2008

Whoa, whoa, whoa, tis the season

Oh my! It seems as if another one of those odd human rituals is upon us. Several of the stalls sport wreaths and shiny grass looking stuff. Shorty has red bows in his forelock, put in by his human’s herdmate, a fact that embarrasses him immensely. My own human has added decorations to my stall, all of them seemingly inedible, which in my view is a waste of time. The horses from barn four have returned to their regular stalls. Lucky is heartbroken that he can no longer stare at Lula all day, but none of us miss Voltare. We do get to see them during rides and out in the paddocks, so Lucky is not completely without solace.

Earlier this week my human appeared in a strange garment that left her legs bare, I felt quite sorry for her since she had nothing to keep her legs warm and her footwear was like the gaited horse's we saw at the show, rather tall and clunky. She smelled really nice, but not herself. Her hair was also all puffed up and bushy, something I had never seen before. I must say that even for a human she has nice fetlocks, perhaps why her herd mate followed her so closely and kept hurrying her to leave for a "partee" whatever that is. She left me several carrots in my feed tub as a treat so I didn't miss her too much.

But today I was truly appalled, yet again. My human has decided to dress me up in antlers so she can point her black box thing at me. I'm so embarrassed. Has a horse ever suffered so much at the hands of a human? I think not. Shorty has acquired a set of bells for his breast collar; you can hear him jingle as he is ridden, something that I will never let him live down. Pebbles has several decorations hung outside her stall and the music has been switched from soothing classical to stuff about some fat human named Sandy Claws who has tremendously bad taste in clothes, consorts with deer and a group of small rowdy toy makers. Whatever will the humans think of next? Football came by sporting a red bow around his neck that was almost bigger than he was. He also has a bright green sweater with some kind of fat man made out of white circles on it. What makes humans want to dress animals up in hideous clothing? Does it make them feel better about their own strange garments? I must ponder this, because my human has said she has another surprise for me later. I shudder to think about it. More later.


CassyW said...


After seeing the link on the other blog I had to come read this.
What a cute character and it's so well written!
I keep scrap books of all my horses and looking through them reminds me of their different perrsonalities and quirks.

Thanks for the memories


Leah Fry said...

Tuffy, I want to see the antler pictures! It might make my poor Boyz feel better about having to wear elf hats with jingle bells for their Christmas photos.

Merry Christmas!

c2b said...
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