Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cold Spell

It has been frightfully cold here, to the point that all of us have been blanketed. Even Shorty, tough little range horse that he is, finally had to submit to having a puffy blue blanket put on. His shame was not as great as Trooper’s though. Trooper’s human, in the rather odd taste of human youths, brought him a bright purple blanket with his name written on it in pink. He’s very odd looking and Pebbles has teased him mercilessly.
Thankfully Lucky and I have humans with more subdued taste so we wear dark green and burgundy blankets.

The smaller cat-beasts, Trick and Treat, that are siblings to my human’s young cat-beast, Goblin, have grown quite a bit. They run and play in the aisles and will sometimes run through the rafters. They also like to nap in the hay mangers, but since they don’t leave any “surprises” the horses don’t mind. The old cat-beast, Lollipop, is as hateful as ever, but since he is also cold he has to come down to our level in order to stay warm. We can only hope he’ll get locked in a tack trunk and forgotten. Foot Ball came out to the barn today sporting a bright orange coat on his fat little body. My human remarked that it made him look like a real football, whatever that is.

This afternoon we were turned out for a short time and a huge wheeled cave drove up. I was surprised to see Lula and Voltare led out from barn four, blanketed and wearing funny leg coverings. They didn’t have time to chat, but Lula called out that they were going to the winter show circuit in the south. Trooper pinned his ears when he heard this. He’s done the southern circuits and his former human really gave him a hard time. I think he’s happier spending the winter in lay-off and only showing during the regular season. We called back, wishing the two Arabians a good trip. I know Lucky will miss Lula; he’s got a bad case of pony-love for her.

We were brought in early tonight and I was glad. It has been so bitingly cold, I simply don’t know how horses that aren’t stabled can stand it. Maybe I’ve gotten soft, but I want a nice barn at night! Hopefully the weather will clear. More Later.


Leah Fry said...

Well, Tuffy, I'm glad your human has the good sense not to embarrass you with her choice of apparel.Poco has a bright new red blanket, which suits him. Jaz looks like a ragamuffin. His blanket is dirty and has tears all over it. Although I've patched those holes, either he or Poco has torn off the patches, so it looks like I'm going to have to actually sew it. Part of the seam binding has also been torn off, never to be seen again. I am certain you have more sense than that. Perhaps you could speak to him.

Where are you located? Stay warm!

Tuffy Horse said...


I am in Virginia and it has been very cold! But I used to live in Texas and it was even colder because of the ice storms!

Tell Jaz I'd be happy to speak with him. He can drop me a line at thehorsediary@embarqmail.com

Tuffy Horse

Andrea said...

Boy, Trooper would have been glad to know my old horse Metro.... every single THING he ever had was purple. BRIGHT MANLY PURPLE. Blankets, halters, boots, polos, saddle pads, buckets, lead ropes, you name it... it was purple. He even got dressed up as Dino from the Flintstones for Halloween one year. Imagine his horror at that! Everybody called him the Big Purple Dinosaur til the day he died.