Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pony eating monster!

Oh my! I have never been so frightened in my life! We went out on a hack down the lower meadow trail; me, the human and her herd-mate, on a borrowed horse, poor thing. We were walking along and suddenly the fat grey pony from barn 2 appeared. This large wheeled monster closely followed him and it was trying to EAT HIM! I was frozen with fear, as it kept right on his tail, it had already captured his owner and was holding her in its pit of a stomach! She was missing from the waist down and hysterical with fear, she actually sounded like she was laughing, but I know better! The pony had these horrible black tentacles wrapped around him, some over his eyes and the poor thing couldn't get away. Well! The herd-mate's horse spooked and he fell off and I couldn't help myself I was spinning and trying to prevent the human from bolting. The human was not pleased but I was able to keep her on my back and after the pony eating beast passed she calmed down. Her herd-mate hobbled home and I led her, she was hard to quiet down and I feared she would run away a few times, so I circled her, trying to contain her! Back at the barn the humans settled down and we found the loose horse, he was shaking, poor thing. I haven't seen the pony again and hope whatever monster it was won't come into the barn area, I intend to sleep lightly! More later!

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