Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back to writing

It has been awhile since I last made an entry. Many things have happened, not all of them good. I was quite depressed after getting some spring flu shots and also stuck a nail in my hoof. For these two things I was isolated from my friends and kept stall bound for quite some time. I was finally allowed out yesterday and was very pleased to see my friends up close again.
I have spoken with Shorty about the incidence that occurred awhile back and the poor grey pony. The little fat oaf had the audacity to laugh at me. Really laugh and then he wheezed and fell over and laughed some more. What can you expect from some back yard cowpony? He refused to explain and trotted off to tell the others, no doubt the reason I have been snickered at all week. However, I did see the grey pony from a distance. He seems quite recovered from his ordeal and in good spirits, but I've not gotten close enough to determine if he was wounded by his encounter with the monster.
The human's herd-mate, however, is still not well. His fall from the borrowed horse resulted in a broken nose and foreleg. My first thought, upon hearing about his nose, was that they would have to apply a cast to his face, however, he merely has a large bandage across his nose. An improvement to be sure. His foreleg is just recently out of its cast, which for some reason had been written all over by other hmans. Odd, and not very clear what this practice means. I heard him remark his riding days are over, no big loss, now if he'd only leave the bandage on his face. More later.

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