Saturday, May 27, 2006

Annoying people

Just when things had quieted down the screamer has appeared again. But worse he brought an old human with him who had a face like a jump course over ditches. I loathed them both. My human was made to work much too hard and the screamer conferred with the craggy face the whole time he was teaching my human. Can this shrill beast not see that my human is already the best and the fact I like her proves it? I wanted so badly to kick craggy face, well, in her face, but was afraid my hoof would get stuck and I wouldn't be able to pull it loose. I swear I could stick a hoof in one of her wrinkles and snap it off. I am so put out that she yelled at my human. She had no idea from the ground that my human felt comfortable and steady and I had no complaints. Interfering beast. I am just going to have to get my human boosted to the next level so she won't feel the intrusion of this strange creature necessary. Fortunately, since there were two of them, they didn't stay long and I was able to take my human on a trail ride and console her by showing her how wonderful she is. More later.

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