Friday, May 12, 2006

Some horses are too much!

I am simply appalled! Today while in the turnout pasture a new horse was brought in. I had seen this fellow a few times during the week and he's stabled in the lower barn. Seemed a nice enough chap, if a bit spooky in the arena. His human is one of those "now, easy baby", types of rider, where every movement gets petting and sweet talk.
Well, his human brought him over to our paddock and let him loose and the cheeky devil had the nerve to pop a kick at me! I was so offended. Did this lout not know that I am a descendant of royalty? That my veins carry the blood of the desert horses and founding fathers of several breeds? No! This trumped up plow horse poked a hoof at me and then tried to crowd me into a corner. He then proceeded to chase Lula, the chestnut mare we all defer to, around the paddock. Well, she was very put out and finally kicked him in the knee and then turned back and bit him in the neck.
His human shrieked like a train whistle and ran out to rescue her darling. If I could have I would have retched something up, like the cat-beast does, while listening to this human baby talk her blundering fool of a horse. She removed him, now limping slightly and acting like he was the one being picked on, and we saw the vet's truck arrive later. I hope he got several sticks in the butt, it would serve him right. More Later.

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