Saturday, March 01, 2008

A warm day at last

Such a warm day. I could feel the hair shedding every time I shook. Shorty and I had a pleasurable grooming session, more so for him I think. He's rather short and can only reach my shoulders, whereas I gave him a nice withers scratch. Ah well, groomers can't be choosers. My human was kind enough to brush me really well after we came in from turnout and for some reason she had several sneezing fits. I hope she isn't getting a cold, I know I hate getting my temperature taken when I feel ill. Trooper is in rather a bad mood. He pulled a hamstring sliding in the mud and is on stall rest for a few weeks. He's going to a complete grouch by the time he gets out. I noticed the barn workers driving the smoke beast around the arenas, raking up the dirt. They must be prepping them for spring riding. I hope we don't have a nasty windy Munch. Foaluary was already colder than expected. More later.

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