Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hectic start of summer

Things have been so hectic lately. Lucky has put on so much weight and gained so much confidence that his human is going to take him to our next schooling show. It’s a good thing too, because she needs some more training. I hope he can get her straightened out in time.

Trooper has decided to take a young human girl on try out. His imported human was so furious at Trooper and the Cat Beast after his last visit to the barn that he has not been back. The barn manager spoke with one of the girls taking lessons here and she rode Trooper a few times and they got along fine. She’s a tall slender girl, with light hands and a very nice leg. Trooper really likes her and he has relaxed a lot since she started riding him. If she can convince her sire and dam that she is the human Trooper wants then all will be well.

My human has been out in the evenings and we ride until dark. The days are warm and a bit humid, so riding during the middle of the day is brutal. My human was kind enough to trim up my bridle path and shorten my mane recently, so I am a bit cooler. Poor Shorty had to be body clipped. He’s like a small dun puffball, even after he sheds out the worst of his winter coat. Now he is cool and shiny, although still fat. Pebbles was also body clipped and looks stunning. The big grey dapples really stand out now and she is always getting complimented.The Cat Beast has been beyond smug for his part in annoying Trooper’s imported human. Trooper enjoyed it so much he has even allowed the Cat Beast to sleep in his hay manger. I don’t think I would like to be beholden to a cat, especially that one. More Later.

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Palamino & Brother said...

YEAH good to hear from you Tuffy! We have been checking in frequently to see if you have posted anything new.

Glad to hear Trooper might be choosing another human soon.