Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ask Tuffy

I have a problem and I desperately need your help! My human is cheating on me! I have caught her coming back from the other barn and she had long flaxen hairs on her coverings. I am devastated! Have I not trained and shown her to perfection? Have I not lavished affection and a large amount of slobber on her over the years. Sure I'm not young filly any more, but I'm still able to pop a fence and do lead changes! What can I do? I have so much invested in her!

Not the Other Horse in Texas

Dear Not,

Dump her. Literally, on her head. Then get yourself a nice twelve year old girl that will love you unconditionally and make you the center of her world. Once a human cheats it is hard to trust them again. I have loaned my own human to other horses when their human is sick, or too busy to ride, but she always makes it clear that she belongs to me and she will never leave me for another horse. If your human wasn't feeling guilty then she wouldn't be trying to hide the fact that she's seeing another horse. Don't delay, and don't let her get the upper hoof. Take control and pick your next human quickly.



Carrie Giannandrea said...

But Tuffy! Maybe "Nots" human is helping someone with their horse! I wouldn't want to see a perfectly good human horse lover dumped on their head if they are really not cheating and just helping!

If they ARE cheating, then by all means, dump away!

Carrie Giannandrea
Dances with Horses
Formula One Farms

Tuffy Horse said...


If Nots human wasn't cheating then why are they trying to hide it?

I know you wouldn't cheat on Caspar and would only lend yourself to help another horse!

Tuffy Horse

Carrie Giannandrea said...


Maybe this human is just being insensitive and forgetting to tell Not about helping someone?

Maybe Not could ask his human or sneak over for a listen. It seems his human is taking good care of him, we are pretty short on good horsey humans these days...........

My advice.......have Not give his human more nickers, slobbers and huggings! It works with Casper when he gets feeling a bit jealous of the other horses I HAVE to work with, I just melt away when he does that!!

That should do the trick!

Love ya Tuffy!

Carrie Giannandrea
Dances with Horses
Formula One Farms