Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happenings around the barn

The cat beast has once again found my diary and embarrassed me. He has meowed my spelling errors from the rafters and implied I am an idiot. I pointed out to him that I understand humanese very well and I was the first horse to figure out how to use the office computer, as well as open the door. He scoffed and said he spoke, and understood, several languages and that he himself had been using computers since he first heard they had mice attached to them. He’s such a snooty beast and I hope the Rat Terror dog gets him. I don’t have much use for dogs, and this one pees on everything he can reach, but they do keep the cat beast in fits.

Lucky and Shorty have both consoled me and made many admiring comments about my writing ability. I am not completely placated, but do appreciate their support. Lucky looks better every day. I simply cannot believe the change in his appearance and demeanor. His human is a very nice human and always remembers to bring Shorty and me treats when she visits Lucky. My human has been helping with Lucky, I am so glad I taught her to share! My human’s herdmate has even come out again, and it had been a long time since I had seen him. I often wondered if he had been run off by a more dominate male, but thus far had seen no bite marks on my human’s neck to indicate she had changed herds. The herdmate has helped by brushing Lucky and feeding him treats and seems quite taken with him.

There is also another new foal in the mares’ paddock. It is a very unique looking thing, being covered with small pebble shaped spots from its head to its hooves. It is a filly. Pebbles said it was an Appaloosa like I am, but I don’t believe it. After all I am an Appaloosa and I only have white markings over my hips. I think she is just pulling my cannon bone to tease me. I hear the barn help approaching so I must close for today. More later.

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