Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hitting the trail

We had a very nice ride today. The hillsides are green and it was quite warm. Passing through the woods it was very tempting to eat some new grass, but being a gentlehorse I minded my manners and didn't eat with a bit in my mouth. Lucky and his human came along. The difference in his appearance is amazing. He has been getting gentle work outs in the arena and lunge ring and has toned up. His human said he must have been trained for western and english riding, I shuddered at the thought of doing both. We stopped several times to rest and my human was nice enough to give me a handful of her magic fizzing water. Wonderful stuff, but it makes my lips tingle.

We saw two forest cows. They are so slender and fleet, not like those big black and white things down the road that merely stand around and eat. The trees are getting buds and it smells like spring. There is a show coming up in a few weeks and I need to start getting my human in shape. She wintered well and doesn’t need must reminding to get her back in form. She's been so responsive and easy lately I feel sure we'll do well. More later.


FromthecenteroftheRing said...

Glad Lucky is feeling better. Thanks for being so funny, but taking time to bring real problems out in public!

Palamino & Brother said...

Hey Tuffy! Good to see another horse on the blogs, I am typing for my brother and I ( he just can't figure it out) We too have a great human and love her. She says someday we will have a sibling like Lucky. We look forward to new blogs from you as we laugh so hard we snort!

Tuffy Horse said...

Palomino and brother,

I am so glad you stopped by! It is difficult to get some horses brought into the technology age. I find using a hoofpick to type with works well, perhaps your brother could practice. Be careful though, we don't want the humans to catch on that this is where all the extra hoofpicks go!