Sunday, April 20, 2008

A nice spring day

Spring is really beautiful. It feels so nice to shed out the itchy winter hair. Shorty and I groom each other whenever possible. Not that my human doesn't do a fine job, but since she refuses to use her teeth she doesn't get the hair pulled loose as well as he does. I was also subjected to a visit from the sticker man, no sticks this time, but a tube of nasty paste stuff. What is does I'm not sure, but it tastes terrible.

Lucky has continued to improve in appearance. Is human has started gently lunging him, as well as leading him along side her other horse when she rides. Shorty and I heard from Pebbles that Trooper would be home soon. He did not do well on the Winter Circuit and is probably going to trade his human in, again. If he would quit being such a snob and settle for a nice domestic model then he would be much happier. I know that my human is very satisfactory; I made a good choice. More later.


arablover24 said...

I love your blog Tuffy! Keep writing and don't worry about Trooper, he's a snob.
Tell Lucky I said hi!

PaintyGirl said...

Love ya Tuffy!