Saturday, January 28, 2006

At the barn today

The disgusting cat-beast was in my feeder again. Worse he was CLEANING himself with his tongue, (how barbaric!), will they ever evolve enough to allow humans to do such menial labor for them? I think not. Yesterday he was eating a rodent and was rude enough to drag it through my hay. I was beyond grossed out. He thinks he's so smart because he can jump in and out of my stall while I remain penned up. One day he's going to be imprinted with my hoof on his smirking face. Even worse my human seems to adore the little monster and pets him every time she visits. Then she touches me without washing her hands! It's enough to make a good horse whicker in shame. The flightless bird things, I think they're called Chickians, are almost, but not quite as bad as the cat-beast about getting in my feeder. They do have the redeeming quality of disliking the cat-beast as much as I do and frequently chase him out of the barn. More later

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