Monday, January 30, 2006

The human brought her herd mate out today. Pity they don’t practice culling on themselves. Got saddled up for the mandatory “ Honey I want to share your interests ride” What an oaf. I thought my girth was going to cut me in two when he pulled himself up. He’s lucky I’m a well-mannered individual, anyone else would have dumped him. Walked around on the leadline like the world's largest shetland pony and tolerated his wobbling back and forth. Thank goodness he never pulled the reins in order to stay upright, my jaw would have broken. My human was nice and petted me while walking next to me, I think she was grateful that I behaved well. Received a lot of sympathetic looks from the new filly two stalls down so it was worth it. There could be a good mutual groom session in my future, Wink! Wink! More later.

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