Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ask Tuffy

Seems like the horses at the barn are sneaking out and reading my blog. We need to be careful or the caretaker is going to start getting suspicious of hoofmarks on the office door. I feel it is my duty to help these poor creatures who are begging for advice.

Dear Tuffy,

I just read about Pebble's mane and had to share my own experience. My human recently clipped a BIG heart onto my shoulder. I’m embarrassed to be seen and the other geldings in the pasture tease me and call me Pretty Boy. What can I do until it grows out?

Ashamed Arab

Dear Ashamed,
The first thing you MUST do is remove those clippers from the land of the working appliances. I suggest a quick set back as your ears are being clipped to effectively throw them across the barn where they will hopefully shatter after hitting the floor. Pray that your human will be not be able to replace them any time soon. As for your current dilemma, well not much can be done but camouflage. Find a mud hole and roll every chance you get to keep the offending design covered. And pin your ears back and use some hoof if the comments get too rude. You don’t want the other geldings to think you’re a silly filly do you?


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