Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Vet's visit and exercise

Talked with Pebbles today. He's the big bay pinto gelding at the end of the barn. What was his human thinking with that mane style? I'd dump her for it. It looks like she gnawed it short with her teeth, but he swears she did it with some scissors and something called a thinning comb. Nasty piece of work if you ask me.
The vet stopped in for his weekly barn visit and said I was too fat! The short balding monkey should tend to his own business and keep his opinions about superior beings to himself! Better practice my sad "feed me, please" looks.
My human took me out for a ride afterwards and must have thought that she'd start taking the vet's advice to exercise me more today. We worked on circles and half halts, makeup your mind person do you want to stop or not? There is a show this weekend, so I know she'll be riding every day and making me repeat the same boring stuff over and over. Oh well, I need to work on my show manners, and practice screwing up only when the judge is looking. I'm sure I can find something new to spook at if I look hard enough. More later.

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