Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ask Tuffy 2

Dear Tuffy,
I am at my wit’s end with my human. He constantly pulls the reins too hard and screams at me. I’ve tried to teach him to be gentle but he seems to think he’s some character called The Marlboro Man. He dresses like a canvas tent, wears a hat, even indoors, and is always sucking on a smoke stick.

Confused Cutting Horse

Dear Cutting Horse,

May I call you Cutting? Well, Cutting, I suggest you smoke this inconsiderate oaf right upside a tree. There is no excuse for rein jerking or shouting. Some humans simply can not be trained that louder isn’t better and force is just fear at the end of a rein. I recommend you start looking for another human now and ditch this one as quickly as possible.


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