Monday, February 27, 2006


Oh what a day! The human who cleans the barn, I think they refer to him as a stall boy, didn't latch my stall completely. I was able to get out by playing with the latch and what fun I had running about. I cantered through the mount up area and managed to upset Pebbles so he wouldn't behave for his human and I almost got to stomp the cat-beast as he was sunning himself. The foul wretch made it out of my way just in time, I'm sure I'll get a dead rodent in my feeder this week, but it was worth it. The barn dog, aptly named Goofy, soon joined in the fun, barking and chasing me, which gave me a good excuse to run faster and pretend I was too frightened to be caught. By the time the stall boy was able to lure me in with feed, or so I let him think, my human had arrived. I was way too hot and sweaty to ride, whicker, and she settled for walking me down and brushing me. What a wonderful day. More later.

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