Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Weekend show

Went to a show this past weekend. What a chore! Personally, my human was the best turned out and the judge was blind and stupid too. How could he place that rumpled slob on the grey? His boots were so dirty and he lint all over his coat. My human has such nice calves and trim figure, she deserved a ribbon for presentation. Of course the big name horses could go in the arena dragging a dead body and still place. Darn politics. Blow one lead and your human pays for it by getting shunned in the line up.
I can't believe that stupid judge didn't mark my human higher for being able to stay put when the paper blew across the arena and I spooked. I was really frightened to death, but she stayed on. What was he thinking? She is a much better rider than the horse whose human just sat there and didn't do anything while the horse plodded along, acting like that piece of paper wasn't any big deal. I am so frustrated. More later.

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