Saturday, February 11, 2006

Barn help

My human as taken a trip. I'm not sure what this involves but she will be gone for a few days. I hope she is not planning on cheating on me with another horse. I am left at the mercy of the barn helpers and intend to take this time to study their herd behaviors and social interactions. Foremost I notice they have, as a rule, unshaved whiskers, perhaps the better search for the manure in the shavings? They also seem the wear the same blue colored cloth covering their legs, there appears to be pouches on the back with strange white circles on them. Is this some kind of brand for identification in case they leave home? Is there a need to tag and sort barn helpers? What is their value on the black market? Another thing I notice is the universal headcovering comprised of a close fitting cloth bowl with a stiff bill in the front. These come in different colors, but from all appearances are more or less permanently attached to the individual's head, as I never see them removed. Some carry strange symbols which I heard referred to as a Team Logo. What do these symbols mean? Are they are grading system? What's a logo? More Later.

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